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Workplace Wellness

According to research by the Conference Board of Canada, workplace health and wellness was estimated to be a booming $6 billion industry and set to permeate 78% of workplaces in 2016. This trend has continued [...]

The Placebo Effect: Why the mind is a powerful thing

The advancement of sport science and sport medicine has brought many fields to work to together in order to maximize athletic performance. Integrated Support Teams (IST) are the norm of today in elite athletics. Such teams consist [...]

Coaching – Keeping Sport Fun for All

We all know how much sport can offer kids; we've got numerous research studies along with our personal experiences to back it up. Research also shows us that most sport participation rates peak at 13 years old [...]

Weight Training; A Lifetime of Benefits

Gone are the days when weight training (strength/resistance training) was seen as an odd, testosterone-filled activity for Eastern bloc weightlifters and narcissistic bodybuilders. Weight training has long since become mainstream as an important addition to [...]

Active Parents Have More Active Kids

Children benefit when parents increase their own daily physical activity, according to new research by Statistics Canada. A CBC report on the study explains that a “child’s level of physical activity rises by 5 to [...]

Excellence Takes Time

It has been suggested that a minimum of 10 years of practice (sometimes stated as 10,000 hours) is needed for expert performers in any field to reach the elite level (Ericsson, Charness, Feltovich, & Hoffman, [...]

Sex and the Athlete

Does abstinence really improve performance? To have sex or not to have sex; that is the question. We've all heard the myth that for athletes to perform well, abstinence the night before competition is a [...]

Five Ways to be a Great Sports Parent

Is there anything better than watching your child run or skate around with a smile on their face? Kids will tell you the number one reason for playing a sport is fun. Seeing your [...]

Feeling sore after a workout? Could it be an injury?

Everyone’s experienced that post workout feeling of “Wow! Definitely got a good workout in today”. Or maybe you have experienced DOMS or “delayed onset muscle soreness” where your extremely sore and tight for a [...]

Mom, Dad and Me…and a Healthy Lifestyle

It really is alarming; nearly 31% of Canadian children and youth 5-19 years of age are overweight or obese. And if the trend continues, we’re going to end up with an adult epidemic of [...]

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