“A sprained ankle brought me to ProActive Health Group. Nine weeks before I planned to run a marathon. The practitioners helped me with the Graston technique to be back on the road within three weeks. It’s a painful procedure but worth it if you see the results. Those magic hands kept me motivated. Everybody in the clinic is very helpful, friendly and supportive.

— Nicole G, Personal Trainer

“The practitioners at ProActive Health Group take the time to properly analyze athletes, treat each individual based on the confines of his/her sport and communicate frequently with myself [the trainer/coach] to ensure maximum progression of [my] athletes. The staff at ProActive Health Group are knowledgeable, friendly and understand the importance of getting athletes treatment as soon as possible. The combination of great practitioners and an excellent staff has convinced me to continually use them for my referral of athletes.

— Jeremiah B., BSc CSCS, Strength and Physiology Consultant

“I had hurt my shoulder and in my ignorance thought that it would sort itself out on its own. After a week of zero change I figured I needed real, professional help. I was recommended to ProActive Health group and the Doctors here got me on my way to recovery. I would have been lost without their help. Honestly, they saved my shoulder, my lifestyle and, because I am a fitness trainer, they effectively saved my business. My unending thanks!

— Stefano T., Personal Trainer

“I refer clients and friends to ProActive Health Group because they see results quickly for a variety of health issues, which allows them to get back to their activities in a timely manner – often without impeding their active lifestyle. PHG educates and empowers their clients to manage their health issues, find appropriate resources and prevent relapse of their symptoms. PHG has a wide variety of expertise and experience among their various health professionals. The team at ProActive work to keep people moving and to help clients continue to lead a healthy lifestyle.

— Trevor B., Personal Trainer

“Chronic shoulder and hip pain led me to ProActive Health Group and once I partnered with the Doctors, I was sold. PHG has kept my body working in top form for competitions and training. The challenging training that I put myself through in the gym is perfectly offset by the great treatments that I receive at PHG.
Thank you for helping me become the Strongest Woman in Alberta (2014)!

— Erin A., Personal Trainer

“As a trainer I’ve been quite fit and active. As well as generally injury free (or at least no aches I couldn’t work through). However, after having my first child about six months ago I experienced what it is to have no core strength. I ended up with severe back pain after shovelling the walk one day. When I booked in at PHG it was to the point that picking up my baby was becoming problematic. After my first session I felt some relief and was completely reassured that I could be back to 100% very soon…. if I did my homework. I was given all the guidance and tools needed to ensure I was able to properly rehab and strengthen my core to prevent a relapse. I love the co-operative approach. The practitioners do their part (very well) but it is also essential I do mine. Work with PHG has made all the difference in my day-to-day life. Not only am I back to being 100% active, I am also very confident I can play with and care for my baby without fear of injury.

— Charly K., Personal Trainer

“I came into ProActive Health Group feeling very scared and discouraged because of terrible knee pain. I thought that my career as a competitive athlete was over and that I might need knee Surgery. PHG not only reduced my knee pain immediately but more importantly gave me HOPE and ENCOURAGEMENT that I would be skating and training again soon. Their expertise and experience instilled confidence in me and within 2 weeks of beginning my treatment at ProActive, I went back on the ice (for 20 minutes). Now 10 weeks later I resumed a full 16 hr/ week training schedule and I am looking forward to competing at world masters level this season. PHG’s treatments are very aggressive and competent. Their wisdom about athlete’s bodies and training methods is very sound and I like his philosophy. I love the walls that are covered with photos of athletes that they have treated, it inspires me!

— Diane – Personal Trainer