Barb Annesley

Massage Therapist

Barb has been working in massage therapy in Calgary for over 19 years. A graduate of the Mount Royal Program in 1999, she has since completed courses in neuromuscular massage, RAPID Neurofascial Reset (a deeper technique that has had success with migraines, plantar fasciitis and mobility issues. Can be performed through the clothes), is a certified Graston Practitioner (M1), Rock Blades and Rock Tape certified, FRSpine, and FRC Mobility Specialist (FRCms), myofascial cupping, sports massage, myofascial release, and TMJ dysfunction. She continues to move forward with the industry and is constantly upgrading her skills and education. Through her career she has worked with many different types of client concerns, from workplace related headaches and back pain, to competitive athletes and those needing pre- and post-surgical treatments. Barb likes to work with clients who are looking to achieve their best performance in life, whether it’s sports, recreational activities, daily routines or a combination thereof. She is respectful of the unique needs of each client and is looking forward to becoming part of your wellness team!