“Since as long as I can remember I have been involved in sports. For the past decade, my sports path has led me down the bobsleigh track to the ultimate goal of my life: a gold medal at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games (*2014 too). Throughout my career I have depended on sports chiropractic to keep me performing my best. You cannot imagine the pounding my body takes day in and day out hurdling my body down the track at 150khp. Thank you PHG. Thank you for keeping me healthy and fixing me when I was broken. You truly make a difference in the lives of athletes.

— Kaillie Humphries, Bobsleigh Athlete Canada 2006, 2010 & 2014 Olympic Winter Games, 2 Time Gold Medalist

“I was skeptical at the beginning (i.e. 1st few treatments)… not anymore! I have been an athlete for over 20 years and as I’ve pushed ‘the envelope’ into the extreme-multi-sport-endurance-world, I could only have expected some injuries along the way. Fortunately, through a referral, I landed on ProActive Health Group and have been able to get back on track and continue to explore my full potential. This has been one of the best things that I could have ever done – on many different levels. Thank you ProActive Health Group!

— Sherri Foster, XTerra World Champion

“It was recommended by fellow athletes and my coach to come to PHG. I stayed because I get fixed faster and get more than one type of treatment at a time. It’s affected my quality of life because it allows me to ski and compete.

— Taylor Dawson, Canadian National Alpine Development Team

“Racing down a track head first at 150+ kilometres per hour tends to put quite the stress and strain on the body. Add to that, the need to explode off the start line and sprint in a bent over position makes working with ProActive Health Group a must. I have found that throughout my Skeleton career, PHG has helped me keep my body working at its best. Making sure I am moving ideally, my joints are functioning properly, and the muscles firing in the right sequence are essentials for my sport. I think that in order for me to compete at my best, PHG is a must.

— Jon Montgomery, Canadian Skeleton Athlete 2010 Olympic Winter Games

“When I was first referred to a ProActive Health Group I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. I had been to a family chiropractor back in Sweden but wasn’t sure what exactly a sports chiropractor meant in Canada. What I discovered was that ProActive Health Group really looks at the body as a whole and focus on making me perform better- evaluating the way my muscles and joints work and fine tuning everything. I am now totally committed to ProActive Health Group. With regular treatments I feel healthier and feel that the likelihood of injuring myself is so much less. I truly feel that it helps me to be the best athlete I can be.

— Mikael Backlund, Calgary Flames

“I first came to ProActive Health Group with a neck injury. I was training for a fitness competition and I was able to continue training while my injury was resolved! I have since come for other injuries and every time the problem has been fixed. I am always in the gym training and it is important that I don’t miss a session – thanks to PHG for making that happen!

— Tara Wakelam, International Figure Competitor

“I am a Canadian Skeleton athlete that needs treatment 2 – 3 times a week and I always choose ProActive. The front desk staff are always friendly and willing to help and the practitioners are professional and hard working. I always recommend ProActive to other athletes because the wait times are short and everyone is treated like a superstar!

— Madison Charney, National Skeleton Team Athlete

“I first came to the clinic with a chronic Achilles injury – three years, and numerous doctors had been unable to fix me. At ProActive, the issue was diagnosed and treatment began immediately with shocking results. I am now on the mend and can get back to things I love to do: run, bike and race. I couldn’t be happier! Thanks PHG (and the friendly front-office staff for making me feel welcome)!

— Peter Kelley, Ironman Athlete

“ProActive Health Group has been an integral part of my athletic career. When injured, they have helped me to be healthy; when I am healthy they allow me to compete at my very best. The care and support demonstrated by this clinic has been instrumental in my success. I cannot imagine competing without them as a part of my team. Thank You.

— Greg Rafter, National Skeleton Team Athlete

“The team at ProActive Health Group has taken my faith in them to the next level. I am very thankful to have made acquaintances with the staff. I look forward to all the future work ahead, staying healthy and keeping my athletic performance in top shape.

— Patrick Rooney, Canadian Skeleton Athlete

“I have been going to see the practitioners at PHG for years now and will continue to. They have helped me to prepare for my games while playing for the Stampeders and my bobsleigh races in the 2010 Olympics competing for Team Canada. They are always very professional and take the time to ensure that the issues at hand are solved. I always appreciate the extra mile they are willing to go to help me so I can compete at my best.

— Jesse Lumsden – Skeleton Athlete, Calgary Stampeders Football, 2 Time Winter Olympian

“I am a competitive athlete with the Canadian National Alpine Snowboard Team. We train and compete year round and are constantly pushing our bodies to their limits. In doing so, it leads to frequent injuries and break downs. The amazing staff at their clinic have kept my body working properly and have fixed me when I’ve been unable to follow my passion. Without them it would have been impossible for me to achieve what I have already done and to keep pursuing my goal of representing Canada on the International stage.

— Matt Carter, Snowboarder, Canadian National Alpine Snowboard Team

“Working with the team at PHG has been a big part of my success in Skeleton. They’ve helped me stay healthy and perform at my best.

— John Fairbairn, Skeleton Athlete 2014 Olympic Winter Games

“Being truly privileged to play at its highest level, maintaining my performance edge is paramount. I place my physical health at the forefront of my focus given the pounding it takes over a gruelling 82-game season year after year. One of the main facets of my performance strategies is sports chiropractic. Regular sports chiropractic treatment has helped to better understand my body. It has for me, taken the concept of injury rehabilitation to that of injury prevention and performance enhancement. I have found that regular assessments and treatment has allowed me to identify and resolve small movement inefficiencies before they become issues that make me susceptible to injury. Through sports chiropractic I have gained a heightened body awareness, and am better able to self identify the stress points of my body and what specific aspects of my training and sport place the most strain on my body. This partnership has become an essential part of my performance preparation. Thank you PHG!

— Mike Cammalleri, NHL Player, New Jersey Devils

“I first began seeing the practitioners at PHG while recovering from knee surgery in order to augment my rehabilitation. Not only were they able to significantly enhance my rehabilitation, but were also able to treat previous chronic issues, help with new injuries and improve my overall body function.
I now see the health professionals at PHG on a regular basis for maintenance and the overall positive impact on my general health has been noticeable. I wish I had discovered his services earlier in my playing career, and I plan to continue to seeking treatment and advice as a part of living a healthy and active lifestyle.

— Ian Huston, Player, Prairies Wolf Pack, Canadian Rugby Championship

“hen I first went to PROACTIVE HEALTH GROUP I quickly became aware that they were different than other health centres I’ve been to – focusing on truly healing me. I really appreciate the desire and extra effort to really help me. When I discovered how many of the World’s best athletes go there, I realized that their expertise is World Class as well. I can’t say enough about PROACTIVE HEALTH GROUP. A world class team working together and going that extra mile when it comes to my health concerns. Who could ask for anything more?

— Joe Forzani, Retired CFL Football Player

“Quality of care was a major concern as I looked for chiropractic care during my sport career and I found exactly what I needed at PHG. My Olympic Skeleton career spanned 15 years and there is no way I could have competed at such a high level for so long without the care and attention I have received at PHG. Thanks to everyone at the clinic!

— Jeff Pain, Skeleton Athlete, 3 Time Olympian Canada 2006 Olympic Winter Games – Silver Medalist

“ProActive Health group is what literally saved my athletic career and probably the only reason I can remain active. Everyone at ProActive is an expert and has the best bedside manner as well as plans to heal that I have ever seen.

— Chase Weigel, National Development Speed Skating

“For the past 2 months ProActive Health Group has been an important part of my treatment for dermatomyositis. With their TLC I am able to keep an active life. Thanks!

— Nigel Joseph, National Development Team Sprinter

“After sustaining a back injury I was worried I’d never wrestle competitively again. PHG’s expert care changed that and I was able to compete six months later at the National Championships.

— Hilary Gobel, UofC Women’s Wrestling Team

“I’ve been raving about ProActive Health Group ever since I came back from the Games. Telling everybody what great care you took of me and made the pain disappear. I had such a great time in Whistler and your team was a big part of it. Without your help I probably wouldn’t be able to compete in all the events. Everybody in Slovak Paralympic Team agreed that all of you put a lot of energy into helping us to achieve the best results possible. And on top of it, it was fun to be around all of you.

— Martin Cupka, Alpine Skiing, Standing 2010 Paralympic Games

“When I think of a chiropractor I think of someone who just does manipulations, often which just offer temporary relief. The practitioners at PHG don’t just do manipulations, they address all aspects of the body that may be sore, tight or painful. The treatments are a more permanent solution to my current injuries and preventative to new ones.

— Alyssia Rissling, Bobsleigh Canada

“With my sights squarely focused on the 2016 London Olympic Games, regular sports chiropractic care is an absolute necessity. When podium appearances are decided by hundredths or even thousands of a second, every advantage must be utilized. ProActive Health Group, has for me, changed my focus from injury rehabilitation to that of injury prevention. It gives me the edge on performance enhancement. I have found that regular treatments the physicians that allowed me to identify small movement issues before they become big enough to make me susceptible to injury. Through working with ProActive Heath Group my body awareness is better, and I am better able to identify the stresses on my body. PHG has become an essential part of my performance preparation.

— Sam Effah 100M, 200M, 4 x 100M Relay National Track & Field

“The quality of my training as a ski jumper has increased thanks to the help of PHG. When training at home in Calgary, I do weekly office visits to maintain good function and deal with the stresses of my sport. During training and in competition, the work done by ProActive Health Group has helped me to prepare firing up all my muscles to make sure that they were capable of doing their job when the time came. The difference from when I don’t have the treatment to when I do is very noticeable. I can feel the difference right away. The plyometric portion of my warm up becomes more powerful, and feels like I don’t need to try as hard and tense up my body, it just all comes naturally. As an athlete that travels extensively, I find it very helpful when the physicians explain to us what he is doing and why it benefits us; especially when they is not able to travel with the team. Attending the Sochi Winter games was an incredible experience; even more so being the first women ski jumpers in history to participate. As an Olympic athlete, it has been amazing to have the support from PHG in Sochi; I had developed shin splints on the day of our competition and also had ongoing problems with my back. I found it very helpful when the physicians were at the ski jump venue to treat me before and between my competition jumps. The difference afterwards was amazing. I believe that having these treatments done by ProActive Health Group is a key ingredient to the success of an athlete, especially in a sport like ski jumping. I tend to have small issues after each training or competition jump, and it makes it stressful mentally. It can be difficult to concentrate when there is pain while preparing to take another jump.

— Atsuko Tanaka, 2014 Winter Olympian Ski Jumping

“As ski jumping became a larger aspect in my daily life I began to feel the effects of the vigorous training. Doing the right things – icing, compression socks etc. only worked temporarily. Going to PHG has helped out significantly in getting my body in the best shape for competition and training. ProActive Health Group has improved the way my body moves and functions and has played a significant role in rehabilitating injuries.

— Alexandra Pretorius, Ski Jumping Canada

“I have suffered from low back and hip pain for years. Last year a teammate referred me to Dr. Greg Uchacz and ProActive Health Group, but it took me a full year before I actually went. I think that it is probably because you get complacent with accepting the health care that is provided for you. I cannot believe the difference ProActive Health Group has made to my game and my body. Not only has years of aches and pains been eliminated but my reaction time and flexibility are the best they have ever been. Since I have engaged in PHG a whole new approach to maintaining my health has been realized. I am a raving fan and see how this can play a regular role in my sports career.

— Henrik Karlsson Goalie, Calgary Flames

“Bobsleigh is a pure power sport – joints especially take a beating. Knees, back, ankles, elbows are constantly being abused through our weight training and sprinting. By having regular chiropractic assessment at ProActive Health Group, potential problem areas can be identified and worked on before they lead to greater problems.

— Pierre Lueders, 5 Time Winter Olympic Athlete. 2 Time Olympic Medalist.

“As an athlete, your support team is a vital aspect of what gives you the chance to be your absolute best. PHG has served me so very well over the years in terms of chiropractic care, massage therapy and even with orthotics, and a big part of my success is as a result of the care I received here.

— Duff Gibson, Skeleton Athlete, 2 Time Olympian Canada 2006 Olympic Winter Games, Gold Medalist

“I was first introduced to ProActive Health Group while participating in my first World’s Longest Hockey Game. The support and knowledge of the staff at PHG has been the reason that I continue to return. I will be a lifelong patient of PHG because of the health benefits they provide.

— Josh Esler, Hockey Marathon Player

“I heard about how great ProActive Health Group was from my sister. My visits to the clinic have helped me stay competitive throughout my CIS career as a triple jumper. I will continue to come back long after I am done competing!

— Allison Kendall, CIS Nationally Ranked Long Jump & Triple Jump Athlete

“I was introduced to ProActive Health Group from one of the Doctor’s through my Lacrosse team. I was helped immediately and given pre-surgery workouts for my knee. Post-Op I am benefitting from more than one discipline at PHG, and my recovery has gone great because of that. The practitioners have been incredibly helpful in allowing me to recover and helping me by giving me exercises to do outside of ProActive. I am very thankful!

— Eric Dowie, Elev8 Lacrosse

“I literally stumbled upon PHG on my walk to/from work. Upon checking out their website, and seeing their experience from working with various Olympic athletes, I felt compelled to give them a try. Being an aspiring Olympic athlete myself, I was searching for relief to chronic low back pain that had been plaguing me for over 10 years. I had seen countless other chiropractors in that time and although I would find some relief, inevitably it ended up in the same routine visit and never fully resolved my discomfort. During my worst moments my back pain would send me into a curled up fetal position…. something not easy to do during the middle of a curling game. The practitioners at PHG were a welcome change. They started out with a thorough evaluation of my body’s movement patterns and quickly identified the issues. For the first time ever someone got to the root of my pain and I’m happy to say I’m now virtually unhampered by this condition. The practitioners continue to assist me with the issues that arise from the repetitious movements of my sport. The entire friendly team of front desk staff, massage therapists and naturopaths have provided great support and inspiration in my journey to the podium. A piece of my silver medal is thanks to them.

— Cori Morris, Women’s Curling, 2010 Olympic Winter Games, Silver