“Each treatment that I have received from ProActive Health Group has fixed my physical ailment and significantly improved my performance to new levels! ProActive treatments have given me the confidence to participate in any sport at the hardest level possible, without fear. Great staff as well!”

— Jeff Klokeid

“I was referred to ProActive Health group through a spin studio and have remained a patient due to pain reduction. My quality of life is affected so that my activities can continue. ProActive Health Group is a huge part of my life.

— Brenna H.

“I was referred to ProActive Health Group by a friend when I was dealing with neck and shoulder issues. Seeing the team at ProActive has improved my neck and shoulder issue. Working with them has made my day to day life better. The practitioners have also educated me about my body and have made me more “Body Aware”. Thanks PHG!

— Will G.

“I work in an office, so I had back pain every day. After my first visit, I learned that my back pain was coming more so from over all posture issues. My health has improved dramatically with physiotherapy, chiropractic and massage therapy at ProActive Health Group. My back pain is nearly gone and my posture has improved – my family has even noted that I look much better. Thanks to the ProActive team!

— David H.

“I was referred to ProActive Health Group from a friend who knew I frequently visited another chiropractor but still complained about the same issues. After my first visit with PHG I noticed improvement, after the second visit, I was good. Regular maintenance has kept me symptom free and I actively participate again in my children’s sporting endeavours. I’m 50 years old.

— Reg H.

“I first came to ProActive Health as I had been going to a physiotherapy clinic for about 3 months with limited results to help with my ailing shoulder. I started prolotheraphy at ProActive and after 3 weeks and 3 treatments I feel significantly better. Thanks for the help!

— Curtis S.

“I have been a patient for 14 years and it is the doctors and the professionalism that keep me coming back. They have helped me continue to be healthy and overcome injuries and health issues.

— Karen O.

“Before coming to ProActive Health Group I suffered from continuous back pain. Having visited PHG for the past 10 years I have been pain free, resulting in an improved lifestyle. I would certainly recommend the staff at PHG to anyone.

— Murray L.

“PHG’s practitioners have diverse experience and treat to resolve the cause of the problem and to prevent further issues. The clinic has an excellent atmosphere and clients enjoy a personal connection with the health professionals – allowing them to truly recover from injury.

— Terry G.

“ProActive Health Group has offered me an ongoing solution to manage my conditions, allowing me to pursue my sports and favourite pastimes pain free. The team at PHG are on the cutting edge of Sports Med science – they are not just chiropractors; they will get your body working and avoiding further injury. With my treatments, I am increasing my range of motion, decreasing pain and improving general mobility.

— Kathleen D.

“I was referred to ProActive Health Group by a friend and have found the staff very knowledgeable and always helpful. I know that the practitioners at PHG will provide support as I need it, which allows me to continue to play sports with minimal to no pain.

— Liann M.

“I started coming to this clinic on referral from my Olympic Champion son, Jeff. PHG kept him in fine form during his skeleton career. Upon embracing regular treatments, I to have increased my mobility, allowing me to keep active and strong as I age. Thank you, PHG, for your expert skills.

— Dianna L.

“The Doctors at ProActive Health Group are very personal with patients. They fully explain the treatments and give home exercises which helps extend the treatment that is already provided. I am a nurse and spend 90% on my day on my feet – PHG has shown me how to have my body function and adapt to my life.

— Hannah O.

“I have remained a patient at ProActive Health Group due to the exceptional, friendly, professional staff. Very welcoming. My quality of life is much better as an ex-athlete getting out of bed and continuing to train hard. This has been made possible with the expertise of the clinic.

— Craig B.

“ProActive Health Group’s dedication and the integrated team approach is directly responsible for the quality of my lifestyle. For over 15 years I have enjoyed a very active lifestyle with balance, strength and confidence. Thanks PHG.

— Greg M.

“I was referred to ProActive Health Group by my trainer for a few lingering injuries that wouldn’t get better. After a couple of appointments I had very good results and found that my body had healed with this help. The team at PHG work very hard and I find that I am always given a generous amount of time in treatment to work on my injuries (unlike other doctors I have seen).

— David W.

“I was suffering from osteoarthritis in my foot and had ankle pain, which was prohibiting me to continue with my running and high impact sports that I love. I was referred to ProActive and I have to say that I have never received such good care to help me get back to my normal activities. My recovery is going amazingly and I will refer anyone that I know to ProActive.

— Jennifer M.

“I had heard about ProActive Health Group from a friend and started coming for treatment of sciatic nerve problems. The visits helped me a lot and continue to do so. Everyone at ProActive is friendly.

— Carole C.

“I came to ProActive Health Group when my back was in so much pain that I could hardly move. I have been coming here for 6 months and have gone from twice-weekly appointments to once every two weeks. The team here is amazing and I highly recommend them!

— Heidi S.

“A friend referred me to ProActive Health Group after I had had an MCL injury. Within a few weeks, I am back to where I was before with no fear of re-injuring. My quality of life improved dramatically and rapidly.

— Gilbert D.

“When the chronic pain from past injuries started to interfere with everyday activities, I relied on the professionals at ProActive Health Group to get me back into proper working order. Many thanks to the PHG team!

— Jeff H.

“Whilst I first same to ProActive Health Group to tackle stubborn neck pain (fixed in 3 weeks after 1 year of pain), I now receive treatment once a month for maintenance. This helps me keep my back healthy and also assists in keeping my immune system strong. Thanks PHG!

— Andrew D.

“Being a very active father with 3 children, it is imperative that I keep healthy and in top shape. With the combined efforts of massage and chiropractic, I am able to do this. Whether maintenance or repair, ProActive Health Group never fails. Thanks everyone!

— Chris J.

“The team at ProActive Health Group knows their stuff! The active release is working and helping me to recover. Because of this, my enjoyment of golf has improved.

— Ken B.

“Proactive Health Group was essential in the speedy recovery from my accident. I have been so impressed that I have continued treatment on other problem areas.

— Curtis F.

“I have been going to PHG for 12 years for major structural back issues. If it was not for them I don’t think I would be still playing sports at the age of 46. I had been to many “chiropractors” but PHG is different; their use of ART in conjunction with adjustments is different than any other doctors I have been to and is so very effective. PHG is one-stop shopping. I have accessed the excellent massage therapists, naturopath for Prolotherapy and physiotherapist after back and knee surgeries. PHG is innovative and all-inclusive treatment for the entire body from many different avenues.

— Bonnie. C

“The professionalism of the staff in combination with the friendly, almost family – like treatment of the staff has kept me coming back to ProActive Health Group. The practitioners always worked hard to treat all areas of concern with 110% effort each and every time.

— Janet T.

“Recommended from O’Connor’s Men’s Wear. I came into the clinic with recurring back issues and low quality of life because of a sore back. After treatments and orthotics from PHG it has been an effective change in my life. I would encourage family and friends to seek out the ProActive Health Group Team.

— Andy S.

“When I first come to ProActive Health Group with a knee injury, I was simply hoping to become pain free in my daily tasks and possibly be restricted to a brace for sports. As my treatments have progressed I’ve become more effective in my daily tasks and sports and pain free in both! This is due to ProActive Health Group’s treatment of the root issues and not just the treatment of symptoms.

— Jason F.

“I was diagnosed with a full ACL tear and wanted to maintain a high level of activity (hiking, climbing, etc.). A friend of mine recommended the clinic due to their high level of professionalism. They were attentive to my injury and my final goals. My rehab was designed accordingly. I have remained a patient and PHG has been a pillar of support and my program has helped me strengthen my muscles greatly. I have been able to resume most of my favorite activities. Thanks you to everyone at ProActive Health Group.

— Sivasankar G.

“I was suffering great pain in my left knee and collapsed strength in my left left from training for a marathon. The practitioners at PHG diagnosed troubles in my left ankle from a childhood injuries and left gluteus troubles. These were corrected with Graston therapy and arranged for orthotics. I ran a half marathon in 1:45 four weeks after starting therapy. Much Thanks!

— Stuart B.

“The practitioners at PHG have helped me stay mobile and avoid surgery. They always take the time to discuss options. They also will take extra time to treat other issues, not related to the initial appointment.

— Shirley D.

“Like everyone else, I am responsible for my own fitness and health condition. When I do something that pushes my body so that I hurt or overstress something, PROACTIVE HEALTH GROUP provides appropriate intervention, advice and follow-up. The team at PROACTIVE HEALTH GROUP are exceptionally good at what they do for me as a fifty-plus active non-athlete.

— Ken H.

“Having struggled with ongoing knee pain and with my first ever half marathon fast approaching, I decided to head through the doors of ProActive Health Group. After five short treatments I successfully completed my first half marathon pain free! The staff at PHG are professional, courteous and supportive of both your short-term and long-term goals…. who knows, full marathon next? Thanks for helping me succeed!

— Hannah C.

“PROACTIVE HEALTH GROUP’s practitioners have a knowledgeable approach to the management of the various athletic injuries that I have sustained over many years. They have allowed me to continue competing and enjoying life. The assessment of each injury has been accurate, the treatment effective, and the results greatly appreciated. I have had no hesitation in recommending PROACTIVE HEALTH GROUP to my friends.

— Terry G.

“What brought me to the clinic? PAIN! I have been with “my guys” for 3 years now for regular tune ups! The service is only exceeded by the care and attention I get from everyone from the front desk to the medical team. They are all MVP’s in my life.

— Margie S.

“I first came to PROACTIVE HEALTH GROUP while suffering a debilitating back problem. PROACTIVE HEALTH GROUP brought me back to normal, something I didn’t think would be possible. Since then, I keep coming back whenever I have any other problem with my back or hip and PROACTIVE HEALTH GROUP always gets me back together. Thanks PROACTIVE HEALTH GROUP!

— Wayne S.

“I first came to the clinic a couple of years ago after my friend referred me to the clinic to help deal with my sports related injuries. I have found that the availability of all the sports therapy professionals have helped me heal faster and maintain my body.

— Catherine S.

“I have a very specific back problem. A very thorough initial assessment was done and a treatment program was set up immediately. The group seems to be very serious about helping people, are well organized and friendly. I have had very positive results in four sessions and will trust their skill and advice in the future.

— Tryden M.

“I was recommended by a Swiss Chiropractor who was in a “class” with one of the doctors. I have remained a patient due to the professional treatment which released my problems after a short while. I felt safe during the treatment and I am glad I found a good place to come back to.

— Edith M.

“In Dubai we have a saying “Even the Best Horse will stumble one day”, but the team at PROACTIVE HEALTH GROUP don’t seem this way. Came in about a year ago with a shoulder pain and have been visiting for over a year now. I am particularly impressed by the professionalism & dedication of the team especially the communication of treatment to their patients. As an avid Triathlete and Water polo player and being from the shores of Arabian desert where we take sports and friendship very seriously I can only say that PROACTIVE HEALTH GROUP has simply added a spice to my fitness and friendship. I do not think that I will be able to make it to Dubai Triathlon without this Team’s help. Great work guys and thanks for keeping me away from Ibuprofen and the likes.

— Hassan M.

“I heard of the clinic over the internet while searching for an alternative treatment method for my back. I saw real results where other physio clinics could not match and my injury has since been much better.

— Joey R.

“I have been going to a chiropractor for close to forty years whenever I felt something was out of place. The practitioners at PROACTIVE HEALTH GROUP have been telling me for several years that I would be better off coming on a regular basis. I have been coming monthly for the last year and am pleased to say that I have benefitted from a steady overall improvement throughout the year.

— Peter H.

“Chronic upper back was affecting my enjoyment of various activities and made office work painful. After numerous treatments, I am getting used to a pain-free existence, and loving life again.

— Shawn K.

“As a patient for more than 10 years, I’ve seen a substantial improvement in my quality of movement and physical well being. The clinic has seen me and my family through both relief care from a motor vehicle accident as well as long term care to keep the gains previously made. I couldn’t imagine a healthy and active lifestyle without the chiropractic and massage care. There is no other healthcare provider that has ever shown this much interest in my overall health and wellness progress/goals.

— Derek. S.

“I was referred by my trainer and have been amazed by my overall improvement and strength. I feel the strongest I’ve ever felt. I am able to ride my bike to and from work including Edworthy Hill… not bad for a 56 year old AND it’s all thanks to ProActive.

— Roberta H.

“My daughter suffered a torn ACL/Meniscus and was advised that she was likely looking at surgery. We brought her to the ProActive team and they accelerated her healing and had her up and playing within 3 weeks (No Surgery!) Thanks PHG! We wouldn’t trust anyone but you.

— Tara P.

“I became a patient at PROACTIVE HEALTH GROUP because I know one of the doctors through the Running Room and through his reputation. I’m comfortable here and I trust the process here.

— Julie V.

“I have been a patient at ProActive Health Group since 2011; I have always included chiropractic as part of a healthy lifestyle. In November 2013, I injured a disk in my lower back. Under the care and guidance of the practitioners at ProActive, I not only fully recovered but trained for and ran my first half-marathon 1 year later at the age of 45. Chiropractic works!

— Ruby L.

“I first visited ProActive after an injury to my back while playing Hockey. The chiropractic care I received was remarkable and since then I have also started massage therapy. I now visit the clinic on a monthly basis to ensure I am well adjusted and loose to prevent further injuries. Overall 5-Star!

— Patricia W.

“I started coming to ProActive a few years ago after my husband was referred here for nerve issues. At the time I was struggling with pain in my neck and back – mostly from bad posture and obesity. After being diagnosed with breast cancer I stopped smoking, improved eating habits and began exercising. 2 years later, I am down 60 lbs and go to yoga 4-5 times per week – along the way ProActive has been a big supporter! My regular chiropractic maintenance adjustments helped me while I strengthened my body. Every visit at PHG always leaves me feeling a bit better and with my regular exercise and strengthening exercises from ProActive, I am stronger and healthier at 41 than I was at 31. Thank you ProActive for supporting me – I am thankful for learning my health is most important!

— Nanette K.

“Three years ago I could hardly walk, now after treatment at PHG I can walk 36 holes of golf each weekend. I have used all facets of the clinic – chiro, physio, massage and naturopath – having everything under one roof is the best thing. The team at PHG has kept me functionally active. All professionals in the clinic are very knowledgeable in their specific area and honest in their diagnosis in that further treatment, if not needed, are not recommended.

— Jim B.

“I have been coming to ProActive Health Group for over 3 years now. PHG has helped me to recover from major knee and shoulder injuries and has shown me many exercise and stretching routines to prevent further injury. The team at ProActive always does their best to have me back to 100% as soon as possible. I feel better today than at any point in my life due to the work of the practitioners here at ProActive.

— Rob K.

“I was referred to ProActive Health Group a few years ago, having heard that the practitioners are excellent diagnostic Doctors. I agree. Since then my husband, my son and myself have come to the clinic, seeing a variety of disciplines from massage to Chiropractic.
I highly recommend all professionals at ProActive Health!

— Lorrena N.

“I have seen many chiropractors in my life in dealing with 15 years of back and neck pain. ProActive Health Group is the best. Hands down! My pain has been reduced by a wide margin and I am motivated to work hard to maintain the results. Great experience. I would recommend ProActive Health Group to anyone and everyone!

— Leanne A.

“I came to ProActive Health Group specifically for massage. They have been by far a cut above any other massage therapist out there; the diagnostic and treatment capabilities are unparalleled. Not only do I get temporary relief of symptoms but I am also, for the first time, making real progress towards solving chronic issues.

— Morgan M.

“I came to ProActive Health Group for lowback pain and I have discovered a “new world.” I have learned that a few minutes of therapy is an investment for the future.

— Amerigo S.

The practitioners are ProActive Health group have been great. They know what they are doing and have been very effective in treating my back pain and spine injury. The humour during treatments adds additional value, making the treatment more fun. I also appreciate the great teamwork and welcoming environment from reception to therapist. Keep up with your great work.

— Jason L.

I have competed in several sports at a very high level over the last 20 years in Calgary. During this time, ProActive Health Group has been a recurring theme when talking to other athletes about chiropractic care. I have only recently started treatment here, but I am appreciating the different approaches and look forward to being able to hit the trails in the spring.

— Claire F.

“I was referred to ProActive Health Group by a friend who was coaching National Bobsled athletes. Since my first visit approximately 3 years ago, I have had some very satisfying results for several injuries from competitive waterskiing and downhill skiing. At 58 it keeps me in touch with my 16- and 18-year old kids. Thanks PHG.

— Jeff L.

“Coming to ProActive Health Group is always a worthwhile and enjoyable experience. I have always experienced pain reduction, but even more importantly, I have been taught exercises and postures which allow me to avoid the pain in the future.

— Stella T.

“I came to ProActive Health Group for lower back pain. The treatment and patient care has been amazing and the results even better! I want to stay healthy so I keep coming back for maintenance.

— Roberto A.

“I have had problems with hip and back pain for years and years and have seen numerous chiropractors. ProActive Health Group is the first to bring about significant change to my functioning. I have had muscle groups treated that no one else has touched and after only two treatments, my ability to move freely and without pain was dramatically improved. Simple things like tying my shoes no longer hurts. Thanks so much!

— Nancy C.

“I was referred to ProActive Health Group by another patient. I had back pain for ten years and had tried everything. PHG has given me relief for the first time – I am so thankful.

— Jane A.

“I first came to the ProActive Health Group with chronic low back pain. I was so impressed with the initial assessment and that the doctors wanted to find the cause of the problem, rather than just treating the symptoms. The results have been fantastic, allowing me to be more active, get stronger and be more pain free.

— Shane K.

“I have been coming to ProActive Health Group since October (2014) and have noticed a positive impact on my neck and back. PHG’s friendly and professional attitude makes each appointment a joy. The front desk is always friendly and welcoming.

— Aleisha F.

“I first heard of ProActive Health Group through the practitioners, as members of a Networking Group. After hearing testimonials from other members as to how committed to “rehabilitating“ patients PHG is. I can now be more active and pain free moving forward.

— Joe P.

“I first heard about ProActive Health Group through the Olympics. For the past few weeks I have been training at the clinic to help me prepare for the World’s Longest Hockey Game and break the Guinness Book of Records. My overall quality of life has greatly improved since I started. Not only have I felt improvements, but psychologically and emotionally I feel better. I would recommend this practice not just to athletes but anyone who would like to improve their overall quality of life.

— Oscar A.

“ProActive Health Group has been a vital part of my life for the past 10 years. Initially I needed (and continue to do so) adjustments to my back. On the advice of an international athlete, I have received both physical and emotional support for my aging body. I have become a true believer in body maintenance as I move forward with my life in the 70’s.

— Diana L.

“I had been having lower back pain/stiffness for the better part of a month. My wife suggested that I book an appointment with ProActive Health Group, since she has had great success with treatment. After less than a week, and only a few sessions, they had me feeling close to 100%. We will continue to remain a patient because we feel that the service we receive is honest and effective.

— Nathan W.

“I first came to ProActive Health Group to treat a very sore low back. It came on very fast and was starting to affect my everyday life and activities. I started treatment three days a week and then two days a week. It is so amazing how much better I feel. I actually haven’t felt this great for years. Thank you ProActive Health Group.

— Kristine L.

“I brought my daughter to ProActive Health Group as they had been recommended to us. They have been a huge help in alleviating my daughter’s foot pain and helping her to heal so she can continue in her sport. They have been kind to my daughter and informative about her injury. It has been easy and enjoyable coming into ProActive Health Group. In addition to this, the reception staff has been helpful and very efficient.

— Carrie J.

“I was introduced to the clinic by my wife. She was doing a Running Room clinic. She could not say enough good things about the clinic’s philosophy towards health. She bugged me enough to have the clinic take assessment of my hip problem. I was hesitant, because I have already searched out treatment at other clinics that performed sports physio and acupuncture, etc. all of these places had little or no impact over a period of time. I decided to give another chance to allow this to improve my quality of life. They provided me with the straight truth to how the treatment was going to progress and the underlying causes. The clinic is excellent in it’s strengths for the team member’s knowledge and passion towards their fields. I’m happy to report my quality of life has improved since I have been attending sessions. I hope for a nearly perfect recovery.

— Dwayne C.

“I came to PHG after finishing my first half marathon with sharp pain in my knee. My knee was treated and recommended a training schedule that would allow me to maintain my fitness level without further aggravating my IT band. One month later I finished my second half marathon pain free and faster than my first. Thank you!

— Tracey F.

“I first began going to this clinic due to the close and convenient proximity to my work, but have since found additional benefit through massage and chiropractic treatments for my neck, back and arm strain. I appreciate the expertise found at this office as they not only help treat immediate pain, but have provided me with exercises to help prevent future injury.

— Kristina P.

“A nagging shoulder injury brought me to PROACTIVE HEALTH GROUP. I prefer to be active rather than to resort to drugs (NSAIDS) or potential surgeries when problems occur. Everything is connected…and in my experience, physicians often isolate. The PROACTIVE HEALTH GROUP staff understands anatomy and movement patterns, treat, educate and help me maintain my fitness goals!

— Laura F.

“What first brought me to the clinic was chronic knee problems. What has kept me coming back is the holistic approach to treatment. Whether I am receiving chiropractic and ART for lower back maintenance or prolotherapy and physiotherapy to strengthen my knees, I know that I am getting treatments that address the body as a whole. Our body is our most important asset. It is worth the investment!

— Marian M.

“I lead a very active lifestyle. A history of unresolved knee problems was impacting my ability to continue to be active, so I came to PROACTIVE HEALTH GROUP. PROACTIVE HEALTH GROUP has been instrumental in finding the source of my problems, treating the issues and allowing me to continue with the level of activity that I want. The whole team at PROACTIVE HEALTH GROUP has been amazing.

— Bryan S.

“After tearing my rotator cuff 2 ½ years earlier, I was experiencing pain and limited mobility. When acupuncture had failed and my doctor told me there was nothing else to be done, I found PROACTIVE HEALTH GROUP. Within 2 months I was completely pain free and have regained total mobility – Amazing!

— Dianne D.

“We first came to the clinic because we were friends with the parents of one of the doctors. I have remained a patient because I have had many ailments repaired over the years. Treatments have allowed me to continue an active lifestyle to the age of 80.

— Don C.

“I came here first when I had a problem with my leg. Nobody knew what it was. PROACTIVE HEALTH GROUP was able to help me. If I have a problem with my leg I get help here. I feel better every time I leave the centre.

— Eugene B.

“My first visit to the clinic was to get relief for a painful back and hip. The caring and professional treatment I have received from everyone at the centre has kept me returning whenever I need an adjustment, physio or a massage. When I first started my treatment I had trouble walking or sitting comfortably. Now I feel like dancing again!

— Janice V.

“I have been a patient since 2007. Initially I was referred by my son’s hockey coach. PROACTIVE HEALTH GROUP has enabled both me and my son to remain active and successful in the level of activities we both enjoy and strive for. My personal injury history began to affect my enjoyment of activities and my functionality in everyday life. PROACTIVE HEALTH GROUP has been the only solution to date for me to continue to achieve my personal goals without limitations from past injuries.

— Jens S.

“I first came to PROACTIVE HEALTH GROUP about 1 year ago for sore Achilles tendons. When they resolved, I stopped coming. Then, after sometime with a sore shoulder, I came back. I was counselled to undertake a more comprehensive solution; posture, chiro and core strengthening which worked fabulous. Working with the practitioners at PROACTIVE HEALTH GROUP has made a huge difference. Instead of focusing on one issue, they work on the root causes – life long changes that make a difference. The change in my shoulder is immense but there are many other benefits – my left knee (osteoarthritis) is much better because of my posture and properly using my glute etc.

— David M.

“I have been attending the clinic from the beginning. Awesome!! The quality of treatment is of the highest level of which has kept me an active person physically. I am able to continue with my outdoor activities because of the care given to me by the people of this clinic. They have given me very good back care and in formation to maintain a good quality of life. My back/body is healthy because of the care I have received at this clinic.

— Gayle C.