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Phone: 1-(403)-225-3842
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Message from Clinic Director, Dr. Greg Uchacz:

Welcome to ProActive Health Group

Open Saturdays for Chiropractic & Physiotherapy appointments.

Call now to book an appointment: (403) 225-3842


ProActive Health Group (PHG) is a multidisciplinary centre located in the heart of downtown Calgary. With a focus on optimizing function, our team employs an integrated clinical approach to provide immediate and long lasting improvements in the health of the patients we serve. Working side by side with each other our team delivers an unparalleled level of health care excellence keeping our clients active and enjoying the activities they love to do.

We are proud to have provided healthcare support to over 180 Professional, Olympic and Paralympic athletes and are committed to providing this Olympic level healthcare model to Calgary’s active population.

Clinic Hours

Monday – Thursday – 7am – 6pm
Friday – 7am – 2pm
Saturday – 8am – 2pm by appointment