Neurac is an active treatment approach consisting of four main elements:

  1. Suspension exercise
  2. Controlled vibration/perturbation to selected body parts
  3. Workload, specific and gradual exercise progression
  4. A pain-free approach

The Neurac method is founded on up-to-date research and long-standing scientific principles that recommend the use of closed chain exercise for managing neuromuscular skeletal problems and enhancing function.

The method includes testing procedures, called Neurac testing, to identify dysfunctions and muscular imbalances. Neurac Testing is a systematic examination of the body to identify weaknesses in the muscle chains. If a weakness is identified it is called a weak link. Neurac treatment focuses on correcting the weak links, thereby reducing the strain on the overloaded muscles. Immediate pain relief and/or improved function can often be achieved.

Works for every body!

Only with Redcord equipment can someone of any age, condition and strength level do suspension exercises. Utilizing Redcord’s patented “bungee assistance” system, the person’s body weight is supported throughout each movement pattern with slings and elastic bungee cords. This allows the provider to adjust the amount of resistance and neuromuscular challenge applied during these exercises, in order to avoid the interference of pain and muscle compensation. Therefore, while requiring different amounts of “bungee assistance” to maintain proper form and biomechanics, a 70 year-old sedentary person is capable of performing many of the same suspension exercises as an 18 year-old athlete.