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Ultimate Frisbee


ProActive Health Group (PHG) is a Sports Injury Centre located on the beltline of downtown Calgary. With a focus on optimizing function our team employs an integrated clinical approach to provide immediate and permanent improvements in the health of the patients we serve. Working side by side with Calgary Ultimate Association, our team provides an unparalleled level of health care excellence keeping members active and enjoying their love of the sport!



1. Call us at 403 225 3842
2. Tell the front desk you are with Calgary Ultimate Association
3. Our team will schedule you an appointment with one of our expert sports practitioners
4. You will receive an appointment within 48 hrs to receive an intensive examination of your injury at no cost
5. We will send you for diagnostic imaging if indicated (X-ray, diagnostic ultrasound, bone scan, etc.)
6. You will receive a diagnosis with recommendations for appropriate rehabilitation and full recovery/return to play


  • Ongoing educational content that is sport specific to the Calgary Ultimate AssociationUltimate Frisbee
  • Triage center to diagnose and provide recommendations of when to return back to sport
  • We are happy to communicate all assessment/treatment information to your current health care providers
  • Complimentary initial assessment
  • Will see any athlete within 48 hours
  • Referral to advanced imaging if needed
  • Pre or post event talks to your teams on related topics are available (dynamic warm ups, hydration, recovery, injury prevention, the AIC initiative details, sports nutrition, etc.)*
*Please contact our Relationship Director, Julie Hodge at 403-651-1088 or julie@proactivehealthgroup.ca to arrange team talks with one of our expert sports practitioners.


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