Self- Care Day

International Self- Care Day

July 24 (07/24) is international self care day. A day to bring awareness to self care being a 24/7 journey instead of once in a blue moon. Consistency is key to success. Implementing a structured self care regime can help promote success in the day to day living and catapult one’s success long-term.

The brain is a highly malleable learning machine, especially upon waking as it is in the theta state.Theta waves have been observed and linked to learning and memory formation. Theta waves are strong during internal focus, meditation, spritirual awareness and prayer. The theta state is between wakefulness and sleep and relates to the subconscious mind.

What you do upon waking can truly impact your day going forward. Which is why a consistent morning routine, no matter how simple, can have a great influence. An easy strategy to implement  every morning is to set  your phone aside for the first 20 – 60 minutes upon waking. That way your brain is not being bombarded with emails, texts and social media straight away, wreaking havoc on your subconscious. Instead fill that time with new ideas, creations and learning.

Every day we are filled with information, whether it be social media, news outlets and so forth. All of that information affects us subtly and long term can create a negative perception on life. It is important to filter out information that may not be beneficial to our psyche.

To conclude, the state between wakefulness and sleep, known as theta, is a prime time to take charge. A time for reprogramming your own mind to live a more optimal and successful life. Take ownership of your SELF every day. Don’t wait until the time is right. The time is now.