Get Out and Get Walking

Walking is the simplest form of aerobic exercise. Anyone can walk, at any time of the day, with a faithful K-9 companion, a great pair of walking shoes and some simple reminders:

  • WalkingStart slowly and at a comfortable pace.
  • Walk with good posture i.e. keep your head up your shoulder blades together and pretend to slide them into your back pocket
  • Swing your arms at a 90’ angle and DO NOT put weights in your hands because it only puts more pressure on your shoulder joints, especially if you have poor posture.
  • Stretch at 5 minutes after the start of your walk and also at the end of your walk:

Walk at a slow pace for 5 minutes. Stop and stretch your calves, hamstring and  quadriceps groups of muscles. Hold each stretch for 7-10 seconds at the start of your walking program and then increase each week by 5 seconds of stretching time before and after each walk. At the end of each walk take 10-15 minutes of post walking stretching to re stretch the legs and stretch the arms and gluts.


10 week walking program

*All walks start with a 5 minute warm up walk and stretch*

Week 1.   Walk 10-15 minutes

Week 2.   Walk 15-20 minutes

Week 3    Walk 20-25 minutes

Week 4    Walk 25-30 minutes

Week 5    Walk 30-35 minutes

Week 6    Walk 35-40 minutes

Week 7    Walk 40-45 minutes

Week 8    Walk 45-50 minutes

Week 9    Walk 50-55 minutes

Week 10  Walk 55-60 minutes


Remember all exercise and stretching should be comfortable and within your OWN limits.